Better health and savings through connected pharmacy benefit management

Clients have concerns about rising drug costs, and questions about complex pharmacy benefits.

Our approach to pharmacy benefits proactively identifies and connects medical health risks and pharmacy solutions. This approach goes beyond managing drug costs by taking advantage of customer touchpoints.

A recent third party study compared overall medical costs between Cigna customers with pharmacy and medical to customers with Cigna medical only. The study identified $74 PMPY medical savings for clients with Cigna medical and Cigna pharmacy.*

There are four primary areas of focus and differentiation within Cigna's PBM. These features – when viewed together – highlight our fully connected approach and drive savings.
  • Holistic customer engagement

    Our integrated engagement model identifies and prioritizes customers’ medical needs and gets them to the right condition and/or coaching program if needed. The opportunity to engage and influence a customer at the right time is lost when clients use an outside PBM.

  • Specialty pharmacy management

    Focusing on just the drug is a missed opportunity. Our total-health strategy aligns key stakeholders, provides actionable insights, and engages customers and health care providers. Together, we are able to improve costs and help customers get the specialty medications and clinical support needed to improve their health.

  • Physician and drug company relationships

    We leverage our relationships with network providers and our proprietary data through value-based contracting, sharing of actionable patient-specific information and ongoing communication.

    Negotiating a drug's unit cost and holding drug companies accountable for the performance of their medications shifts the paradigm so value is being delivered versus volume.

  • Easy experience

    Simplified service in a complicated environment. For clients, we provide plan design, implementation and reporting under one Cigna team. And our customers get easy-to-navigate tools and 24/7 customer service to help them better manage their health, medications and spending.

*2017 Cigna national book of business study of medical customers who have Cigna pharmacy benefits vs. those with Cigna medical only. Average annual per member per year (PMPY) estimated medical savings of $74 ranges $60–$88. Individual client/customer results will vary and are not guaranteed.

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