High-performing providers bringing clients and customers quality care and savings

Cigna focuses on working with health care providers equally committed to helping our clients and customers find more personalized, affordable care.

  • We offer solutions to meet many needs.

    Our networks range from broad, open access networks to more locally focused, high-performing networks to provide accessibility and affordability options.

Cigna Collaborative Care

Cigna Collaborative Care (CCC) arrangements with primary care physician groups reward health care providers for the value of care they deliver rather than the volume of tests or visits they perform. By providing incentives to health care providers, we can help improve our customers’ health and reduce total medical costs.

191 CCC arrangements with physician groups in 31 states1
80% of Cigna customers have access to a CCC physician in all markets across the United States2

Open Access Plus

Open Access Plus (OAP) provides national benefits at a potential cost savings by encouraging a primary care physician relationship.

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Cigna LocalPlus®

Cigna LocalPlus® plans provide access to a limited network that includes doctors, specialists, and hospitals right where your clients' employees live and work.3 Wellness services and programs are also available to help employees get on the right path to health.

Flexible plan designs can be customized to help your clients control costs. When compared to clients in similarly designed Cigna Open Access Plans, clients with LocalPlus networks could save 5%–15% in medical costs.4

Cigna SureFit®

Cigna SureFit® is built around an integrated network of doctors and hospitals in select locations that are committed to providing quality care and lower medical costs through collaboration. Customers have access to innovative decision support tools and the Cigna One Guide® service, our highest level of personal support. With a Cigna SureFit plan, clients could see an immediate savings of 10% over our OAP product.5

1Cigna internal analysis of existing arrangements as of October 2017. Subject to change.

2Cigna August 2017 analysis of national medical book of business customers in all U.S. markets, defined by market size, within 15-mile zip code radius (zip code to zip code distance) of three CCC primary care physicians. Subject to change.

3This plan provides access to a network that is smaller than Cigna’s national OAP Network. In this plan customers have access to in-network benefits only from the providers in the LocalPlus Network when in a LocalPlus Network service area. Please consult the limited network directory or visit the online directory at Cigna.com for a complete listing of LocalPlus network providers. For a paper copy, ask your Cigna representative.

4Percentage of savings is estimated based on an internal national Cigna study conducted in 2015 comparing Cigna’s LocalPlus and LocalPlus IN plans to Cigna’s OAP and Open Access Plus IN (OAPIN) plans with the same benefit structure, deductibles, copay and out-of-pocket maximum limits. Savings are not guaranteed and will vary depending on plan design, geographic distribution and utilization patterns. Medical cost savings do not directly translate to rate or premium rates.

5Based on an average savings across all Cigna SureFit markets according to internal Cigna studies conducted in 2016-2017 comparing Cigna’s SureFit networks with Cigna’s OAP networks assuming equivalent benefit structure, deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket maximum limits. Savings range represents the potential savings and is not guaranteed. Savings will also vary depending on plan design, geographic distribution and utilization patterns.