Partnering together to create a complete, holistic health engagement strategy

  • Up to 499 Employees
  • Over 500 Employees
  • All Employee Sizes

Cigna has the tools, resources and solutions necessary to create customized health engagement programs for your clients with smaller to mid-sized businesses.*

Our dedicated team of health engagement professionals assesses the unique needs of each individual client and its employees to customize a program that:

  • Connects the company’s values with its employees values
  • Bridges the gap between employees at work, and with their family at home
  • Links employees and families to community health resources

Our programs are designed to evaluate, educate, engage and empower a specific workforce community through tools such as:

  • Organizational assessments and employee interest surveys
  • Health assessment and other aggregated data points
  • Preventive care and targeted health awareness campaigns
  • Integrated care management and pharmacy programs
  • Online lifestyle management programs and engagement tools
  • Turnkey incentive programs

We also provide the reporting necessary to measure effectiveness and make tailored recommendations for optimal health engagement – to support a more productive and less costly workforce community.

*In most states, Cigna offers group insurance coverage to employers with 51 or more full-time employees, as well as administrative services for self-funded plans with as few as 25 full-time employees. For more information about your state, contact a Cigna representative.

Health engagement solutions for employers with more than 500 employees
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Health engagement solutions for employers with all employee sizes
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Cigna Health Matters® health engagement solutions can connect your clients’ employees to the help they need to understand their health status, overcome obstacles and reach their health goals.

Our approach to engagement maximizes every touch-point by:

  • Providing a connection that provides a seamless customer experience
  • Leveraging customer knowledge to guide, educate and optimize, no matter the customer contact point

We aim to make complex care and access to care easier for your clients and their employees. And to keep them engaged with our digital and personal solutions that include:

  • Personal and proactive guidance
  • Seamless provider collaboration
  • Holistic integration of Pharmacy and Behavioral
  • Consultative Care Management
  • Engaging apps and activities
  • myCignaSM easy digital tools

Cigna One Guide® is high-touch, analytically driven customer engagement model that combines a powerful digital experience with the empathy and expertise of a personal guide. This solution allows us to:

  • Reach more customers, more often
  • Connect customers with high-value care
  • Impact customers' decisions and actions with predictive analytics

With our health engagement solution all opportunities to improve outcomes such as closing gaps in care, early identification, and engagement in clinical programs, can be addressed.

Better Health. Guaranteed.®

Reversing and preventing unhealthy behaviors is the key to reducing illness, disease and avoidable business costs. Our Better Health. Guaranteed.® program helps your clients engage and motivate their employees to take an active role in improving their health.

  • Clients saw a 20%–30% reduction in high/medium employee health risks.1
  • Results guaranteed in just 12 months. We’ll back it up with a performance guarantee and dedicate funds to further engage those employees needed to meet your annual risk shift goal.2

1"Better Health. Guaranteed.®" client results for calendar year 2015 were measured in comparison with Cigna’s medical book of business results for calendar year 2015. Clients included in the comparative sample had at least one year of success achieving their participation goal(s) and similar renewal periods. Actual results may vary.

2The "Better Health. Guaranteed.®" Program is only available for plans with certain Cigna administered and approved health coverages and services. Employee participation and other requirements apply. Availability of this program may vary by state and is subject to Cigna approval. Complete and prevailing terms are set forth in the applicable performance guarantee agreement.

Health engagement solutions for employers with up to 499 employees
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Health engagement solutions for employers with all employee sizes
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Employee health engagement can have a real impact on your client’s workplace productivity and bottom line.

Your clients are facing increased pressure to:

  • Avoid shifting costs to employees due to rising health care costs
  • Keep employees healthy and happy and attract talent – at a lower cost
  • Preserve time and resources because of increasing administrative burden

Your client's time is limited and sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to begin addressing these issues. When it comes to health engagement, we offer more than a single one-size-fits-all formula. We offer a variety of solutions, designed with each client’s business in mind – its size, as well as its culture and business goals.

Health engagement solutions for employers with up to 499 employees
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Health engagement solutions for employers with more than 500 employees
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