Engaging employees at the right time with the right resources for better outcomes

Your clients’ success depends on an able-bodied workforce. After all, when employees are healthy, they’re more productive. One of the best ways to reduce a disability-related absence is to prevent it from occurring. That’s why, in addition to helping employees while they are out of work, our disability programs focus on helping them stay healthier at work.

If a disabling illness or injury does occur, our expert health coaches and vocational resources work together to help employees get back on their feet – and on the job – faster. Our disability programs are designed to maximize performance and profitability for your clients, while providing value on day one for their employees.

Our disability services and programs include:

  • Stay-healthy-at-work and return-to-work programs designed to help employees either reduce their risk of a disability, or get back to work and life quickly and safely
  • Individualized Healthy Working Life® plans designed to help employees overcome barriers in performing their jobs and reduce the risk of a disability event
  • Anytime support with easy-to-use programs and services – including online resources and a suite of value-added programs and services for employees and their families to use on day one

Faster recovery, quicker, safer return-to-work

  • 3.4 days shorter STD durations1
  • 16% shorter STD durations when claims are reported in 10 days2
  • 5 days shorter musculoskeletal disability durations3

Cigna Disability with Cigna health plans – Cigna's Disability & HealthCare Connect®
When our plans work together, customer experience and outcomes can be even better.

  • Up to 6.7 days shorter STD durations with $519 average annual savings per disabled customer4
  • 16% quicker STD decision times4
  • 52% more likely to return to work4

To learn about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and how Cigna Leave Solutions can help your clients more effectively manage medical leaves, click here.

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