Exchange, marketplace and HR technology solutions that create choice, manage cost and drive engagement

Employers offering traditional benefits are challenged by rising health care costs and complex regulations. And consumers are looking to shop for health and protection in a way that mirrors their everyday retail experiences.

As a result, many employers are re-examining how they offer employee benefits. Whether your clients need fully insured or administrative services only (ASO), single-carrier or multi-carrier models, Cigna’s exchange, marketplace and HR technology solutions can offer:

  • Choice and flexibility with a full suite of solutions, either pre-built or customizable
  • Shopping experiences that mirror online experiences familiar to clients and customers
  • Decision tools that help employees make choices when enrolling in benefits
  • Efficient implementation, leveraging repeatable processes, tools and best practices
  • Innovative products and programs for improving health, engagement and lowering total medical cost
  • Additional HR services, such as eligibility determination, enrollment reporting, payroll management, regulatory compliance and more

Third-party active and retiree exchanges and marketplaces

We have relationships with more than 40 exchanges and marketplaces that serve clients with 51 or more employees, including both active and retiree populations.

With our consultative approach, we tailor client and customer experiences to bring together a broad suite of Cigna products, network solutions and benefit plans. The result: Customers, clients, brokers and stakeholders get the value of Cigna's integrated approach to achieving sustainable affordability over time.

Cigna Easy Choice Tool

Easy-to-install, easy-to-use decision tool is designed to help employees choose the Cigna medical plan that’s right for them. By answering a few simple questions, the tool provides recommendations on which Cigna plans best fit an individual's needs. And, it allows employees to compare, save and print the recommendations, providing all the information they need to complete their enrollment. It’s easy for your clients to implement and can complement a paper enrollment process or existing benefit administration tool.

Get the right mix of technology-enabled solutions for your business